Zombie Diaries #01

Can Jimmy and his friends survive the zombie cow apocalypse?!

Zombie Diaries is a hilarious, action-packed and highly-illustrated junior fiction series for kids 7+ about a town of zombie cows!

This fast-paced comedy-adventure series follows three friends whose lives are turned upside down when all the adults in the town of Buttburgher start turning into zombies. BUT – not boring, regular flesh-eating zombies …. instead, they turn into zombie cows! It’s a moo-ing, drooling, COW APOCALYPSE!

In Book 1 Apocalypse Cow, ten-year-old Jimmy and his two friends – Daisy (super smart!) and Hooey (in a wheelchair but very strong!) – begin their quest to save the town and find a way to turn everyone back into humans. But it won’t be easy – they will have to deal with cola explosions, bullies, runaway trains and really bad farts. And hundreds of drooling zombie cows too, of course!

Perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Last Kids on Earth, young readers will love this exciting new series because it:

  • has laugh-out-loud humour and oodles of action on every page
  • is written in a first-person diary format, making it accessible to emerging and reluctant readers
  • is highly-illustrated with dynamic, commercial artwork
  • has diverse characters and contemporary language – making the books relatable and realistic for today’s kids


Zombie Diaries is a three-book series!