Winter Dreams Series

#1 Like Snow we fall:

An ice dancer on her way to the top. A snowboarder whose career has hit rock bottom. The brilliant YA winter series!

Paisley has arrived in Aspen with nothing in her luggage except her skates. The magical wintry landscape takes her breath away, and when she sees the glittering,
ice-covered Silver Lake stretched out against the mighty backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, she forgets for a moment that she’s running away from her old life.
From now on, all that matters is the future: the gifted ice skater takes up a place at Aspen’s most prestigious school, and secretly dreams of Olympic medals.
Nothing must distract her on her way to the top – least of all the narcissistic snowboarder Knox. Admired by all and unabashedly handsome, he’s the life and soul of every party.
Paisley tries to ignore the chemistry between them, because he isn’t good for her. But then she discovers that there’s another side to him…

#2 Like Fire we burn:

He’s at home on the ice – but can he make her heart melt?

Aria thought that two years and two thousand miles would be enough. But when her mother falls ill and she returns to Aspen to run her mother’s B & B, her feelings come surging back.
She realises that she still carries a torch for the charismatic ice hockey player Wyatt who once broke her heart.
She promises herself not to get too close to him again – which proves impossible when he’s forced to temporarily move into the B & B.
When Aria finally meets a new man, she thinks she’s over Wyatt – and tells him that they can only ever be friends.
But on a trip into the snowy mountains, they can no longer ignore the chemistry between them, and Wyatt seems intent on convincing her that friendship will never be enough …

#3 Like Ice we break:

As a solo athlete, she’s used to competing on her own. But if they want to make it to the top, they have to learn to trust each other unconditionally…

Gwen is skating on thin ice: the solo ice dancer is about to be kicked out of the renowned iSkate academy. Suddenly, she’s about to lose everything she has worked and trained so hard for.
The only way she can keep her place is to team up with a partner. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her new partner turns out to be Oscar, Aspen’s newest arrival.
They’ve already had a catastrophic encounter, and Gwen has sworn never to see him again. Oscar is clearly not interested in her, but whenever their eyes meet her heart beats faster.
Gwen hates the idea of letting him take the lead, but she knows this is her last chance to fulfil her lifelong dream.
Dancing across the ice together takes passion and complete trust – but Gwen senses not only that Oscar is keeping a dark secret, but that she can’t trust herself anymore, either…

#4 Like Shadows we hide:

As she flies across the ice, she thinks only of him – but she must not let herself fall in love

To Harper, the luxurious estate she grew up on always seemed like a gilded cage. When the young ice dancer fails to shine at the famous iSkate school in Aspen, her parents are deeply disappointed.
One day, Harper meets handsome Olympic champion Everett, and immediately feels like he’s her soulmate. But her hopes melt away like snowflakes when she discovers that he’s her new coach.
Coach-athlete relationships are strictly forbidden at iSkate. Everett starts distancing himself from Harper, but she knows it’s only because he doesn’t want to risk both their careers.
She, too, tries all she can not to think of him – but can’t help yearning to be close to him. What Harper doesn’t know is that there are other, darker reasons for Everett to stay away from her…