Wild Maneuvers

"I have rarely read anything this refreshing, bold and funny." - Saša Stanišić

The lightness with which the author finds language and images for inner truths is astonishing. But these images are never harmless or conciliatory. On the contrary, (…) they have the power to shame us with their analysis of the state of our society. - Insa Wilke, Süddeutsche Zeitung

A glittering novel about two friends who dare to do things differently.

Big changes happen when no one’s looking: this is Keller’s fearless and irresistibly original story about breaking boundaries and an imaginative revolution – a fierce yet tender novel about two women determined to start something new. But how?

Something happened on that warm summer’s night, in the shopping centre car park. A van was pilfered – was it to do with drugs? Vera and Peli are suspected of being involved, but when the police interview them the two young women don’t shed any light on the mystery. On the contrary: there’s a mermaid in a pool, bicycles arranged in a circle on the train tracks, and an abducted horse – it seems that Vera and Peli have committed a whole series of crimes, one more improbable than the next. And so begins an adventurous search for answers in a city at night-time, as well as a quirky examination of our vanishing present.