When Butterflies fly loopings

With her debut novel, BUMBLEBEES IN YOUR HEART, Petra Hülsmann hit the Spiegel Bestseller List and stayed there for weeks. Now, Petra Hülsmann uses her love for detail, charm, and lots of humor but also a serious undertone to tell us another love story that is engaging and heart-warming from start to finish.

After a failed relationship and graduating in economic sciences, Karoline Maus, a twenty-eight-year-old administration secretary, decides it is time to give her life a completely new direction. But when Karo starts her new job for a big Hamburg soccer team, she soon realizes that she will not be working for the upper management, as was originally planned, but that she was hired to cater exclusively to the needs of the team’s top player – as his personal driver and chaperone. For Patrick is a huge talent but he prefers to waste his energy on lavish nightlife activities rather than pour it into his practice. From the moment they first meet it is clear that Patrick and Karo cannot stand each other. But at some point, they dare to take a second look – and this is when the real emotional turmoil begins.