We can do better

The corona crisis can repeat itself at any time. A book about the diseasecausing mechanisms of environmental pollution, and an innovative guide out of the health crisis.

Clemens Arvay is an expert in the field of medical ecology. In “We can do better” , he takes the current corona crisis as an opportunity to look far beyond and work out exactly why negative environmental factors are responsible for an increasing deterioration of public health. Yet the author also points the way out of the calamity, explaining how we ourselves and future generations can improve our health through a different approach to nature.
It was only because of environmental factors that COVID-19 was able to become a pandemic.

Thus, for Clemens Arvay the corona crisis represents a symptom of a much larger problem, namely, a natural habitat that is making humans sick. It is already known today that fine particulate matter intensifies not only corona but also influenza infections, thereby killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year. Light pollution leads to a rapid increase in cancer, and even the abrasion of automobile tires inhibits our immune system.

Clemens Arvay makes himself clear: this is our last chance to take control of the situation. After the corona crisis, we must never allow things to return to the way they were before. Arvay therefore calls for nothing less than an eco-medical revolution in healthcare; a different, less global and industrialized lifestyle. And he shows each and every one of us how we can utilize factors in our environment to protect our health, strengthen our immune system, and stay well.