Untamed Nature

How to create a Garden and a Life that flourish

This is a story filled with the sort of vitality which fuels dreams and the determination to make them come true: the story of a girl who had always known the road she wanted to take. She wanted to get soil on her hands, see how plants grew and demonstrate to everybody that the world is a much better place when we are surrounded by flowers, trees and animals. She wanted to create beauty and harmony. Today, Monique Briones is one of the country’s most well-known landscape designers – the creator of gardens with soul – and she is followed by thousands of people on Instagram, seduced by exuberant landscapes full of beauty and passion.

Her story teaches us that to create a garden and a life which flourishes, we must listen to our hearts and pay attention to that spark which shows us the way. Dreams come true when we cultivate the possibilities if it happening. And, when the sun stops shining, you must hang on with all your strength to whatever helps you to grow, to reach higher and further.

An amazing work inspired by the magic of nature and which brings with it uplifting quotations and enchanting watercolors of flowers and plants.

A mix of inspiration, recollections – and a botanical compendium.

• Behind this love for plants there is a hidden message of personal drive, of believing in what you feel to be true, and fighting for it.
• There is a renewed interest in nature, and the world of botany in particular, among “millenials”