Under the Same Sun

The international popstar about what moves him

La Cintura, Sofia, El Mismo Sol: Álvaro Soler is a global star with No. 1 records all around the world, his music brims with lust for life. Born in Barcelona and raised in Japan, the popstar now lives in Berlin, speaks seven languages and is at home in the world. He learned early on how music connects people and cultures, how it can overcome borders. His international fan base is huge, and his new record will be released in September 2021.

In his biography, Álvaro Soler shares with his fans what is most important to him: thoughts, experiences, encounters – and the responsibility we carry for our planet. He tries to live as sustainable as possible and actively promotes environmental awareness and is dedicated to help children in need.

Álvaro Soler is the musical voice of a generation that takes responsibility and celebrates life in the process.