Two Princes

“A fast-paced and delicious novel that you won't want to put down any time soon."

“A rollercoaster of emotions, rush, attraction and experiences.”

“Jackie van Laren has a fine writing style, she has once again written a delightful novel.”

“What a fun, smooth and cheerful story. Jackie van Laren has kept her word. (…) Montferrat is a beautiful idyllic town on the Mediterranean, the weather is always good, the two men are deadly handsome and super rich. Of course we know it can't be like that in real life but the author makes you swoon away with Jack and Quasim. Madelon, however, is a nice down-to-earth Dutch girl, with normal measurements and a penchant for vintage dresses. And just because Madelon is so ordinary, it gives a deeper layer to the story and it's not a thirteen-in-a-dozen novel.”

“The queen of feel-good stories is back! Jackie van Laren brings us this delightful story. Two Princes, in which, as the title suggests, two princes fight for the heart of college student Madelon. Get ready for a story in which you can lose yourself completely, swoon along and enjoy all the beautiful moments.”

Ambitious Cultural Anthropoly student Madeline travels to the city-state of Montferrat on the Mediterranean coast, a well-known millionaire’s playground. She expects nothing more from the trip than a sunny weekend away and some useful research material for her dissertation. Her well-connected uncle has arranged an interview with the extremely rich Jack, who holds a high position in the Montferrat government. According to her uncle, he fits the profile of the stereotypical Mediterranean player, which happens to be the subject of her research.

However, Jack may be almost unrealistically handsome, he is not at all the player Madeline expected him to be. On the contrary, he comes across as rather tights-lipped and reclusive, but he does agree to introduce her to Sheik Quasim, an acquaintance of his who seems to have invented the term player. Before Madeline knows it she finds herself dining on Quasim’s posh yacht, staying in Jack’s private lighthouse, being driven around in expensive cars and being guest of honor at the annual exclusive gala – all for science, of course. Will she manage to resist the practiced charms of her research subjects?