Turn Your Scary Upside Down

Everyone’s scared of something, but sometimes they just have the opposite scary to you.

Turn Your Scary Upside Down is a picture book with a twist – literally! By turning each page upside down, children discover that for every fear that they have, there is another child out there that has  the opposite fear. By balancing their own fears with those of others, young readers will find comfort and reassurance that it’s ok – and normal – to be scared sometimes. The story also develops empathy within children as they learn about looking at situations from different perspectives.

Scared of large animals who have big teeth and look like they might eat you.

Scared of fast little bugs that can jump.


Scared of being alone.

Scared of big groups.


Scared of not saving the goal.
Scared of not
scoring the goal.


What’s your scary?

Covering a range of common childhood fears – fear of heights, darkness, failure, being different, saying the wrong thing, and many more – this interactive book will help children understand that everyone is scared of different things, and that they are not alone in their fears. With bright artwork and kid-friendly monster characters (who are definitely NOT scary!), this clever and unique picture book is a fun, hands-on way to help children understand and deal with fear.