Trust Again

2nd volume in the ‘Again-Series’

Happy endings? They only happen in the movies! Dawn Edwards is absolutely sure of that.

Ever since catching her ex-boyfriend in the act with another girl, she stays away from men and focuses on her college education and the realization of her dreams. She has no room for guys in her life, especially not for a womanizer like Spencer Cosgrove. As creative as his advances may be.

But then one day, Dawn discovers by coincidence that there is a completely different side to Spencer. For years, he has been caring selflessly for his younger sister, who is handicapped after a horrible accident. Dawn is impressed to see the other side of the classroom clown, who seems to take nothing seriously, the side of a sensitive and responsible-minded brother.

And that makes her like him even more, as she begins to understand, than she liked him before – in her mind, there is only room for Spencer and she realizes how deep her feelings for him have already grown.