Toxic Feminity

‘Sophia Fritz opens up a space for discourse that provides exciting impulses for the feminist future.’ - Anna Dreussi, Der Spiegel

‘Feminism seems to be slowly reaching the stage where women can be criticised without becoming the enemy. Fritz dares - and delivers enlightening insights.’ Marie-Luise Goldmann, Welt am Sonntag

‘Fritz's calls for a new, non-hierarchical culture of dialogue seem absolutely urgent and in tune with the times.’ Astrid Mayerle, Bayern 2 Kulturwelt

An original analysis of how the patriarchy poisons relationships between women

Mansplaining, himpathy and masculism – by now, we can all clearly define toxic male behaviour.

But what about destructive female behaviour? We may perceive it, yet labels for it don’t yet exist.

Why do some women withdraw affection rather than risk confrontation? Why do they show their authentic selves to some and a sweet veneer to others? Why do women believe in solidarity but not trust each other?

Sophia Fritz strikes a nerve by giving these behavioural patterns a name: toxic femininity. In talks with a female pastor, a plastic surgeon, a sex worker and many others, she touches on sensitive issues and shows that genuine solidarity and closeness between women is possible.

Her book is an eye-opening and empowering pledge to feminism.