Mole Tomás and Little Mole Toribio

at the wormhole adventure

From hole to hole and I shoot because it’s my turn.

Tomás and Toribio are friends and embark on a great adventure. Through wormholes they travel to incredible worlds and discover amazing things! A fast-paced, hilarious story that tells us how we accompany each other, how we help each other, how we face unexpected problems. And with a fundamental question that comes up at the end: if you knew that by making a specific decision certain things would happen, some of them pleasant, but others not… what would you do? Would you decide to live that adventure anyway, or would you prefer not to leave your molehill?

The comic book for early readers is a great ally to build new readers.

  • Introduction to comics for early readers: simple sequence of vignettes, with a powerful expressive component and a very direct, concise and hilarious text.
  • Mix of fiction and non-fiction: Golf and its rules, the moon and gravity, black and wormholes, Egyptian culture… All masterfully threaded within the visual narrative.
  • A final appendix with interesting information, which makes this book an ideal hybrid to awaken interest in knowledge and a taste for reading.