The Way to the Top

21 Strategies for making it to the top – no matter where you’re starting

How Michelle Obama became the world’s most respected woman

Michelle Obama, Ugur Sahin, Frank-Walter Steinmeier: none of these people were born heirs to privilege or business empires.
Instead, they rose from modest circumstances to positions of influence and respect. What their paths proves is that there is no glass ceiling, that everybody is free to think bigger and to make a
lot from a little.

In her new book, Doris Märtin examines the chances associated with moving up the social ladder together with its struggles and potential pitfalls. In concrete and realistic terms, she shows how
to make the best of the hand that fate has dealt us.

Contains 21 strategic recommendations, illuminating study results, and first-hand accounts from people who have risen to prominence and showing how many paths can lead to the top.