The Thousandth Day of the Marmot

Ah, if every day could be the same as the day before, Éléonore would be fulfilled: managing her assets, dealing with the ordinary misogyny of her father and her four brothers, and being in perfect love with her boyfriend who is about to propose to her on her 28th birthday. Alas, nothing goes according to plan and the announcement is shocking: her lover wants to take a break. He kicks her out of their shared flat. Having learned of her setbacks, a wealthy client offers to put her up in her luxurious Parisian flat. There, Eleonore meets the star of personal development in France, who is none other than her client’s grandson. She soon discovers that this life coach is far from being as positive as in his videos. Having just left his wife, he collapses and refuses to do his coaching. Eleanor decides to take matters into her own hands! But is she really ready to venture out of her comfort zone? A highly enjoyable read, about the God of Yogi Tea, life change, and the weaker self!