The Tender Years

The kind of love story we should all be able to experience

Tea and Viola are inseparable, but their friendship is abruptly interrupted when Viola decides never to leave her room again. While Viola is paralyzed by an unseen enemy, Tea must move on, and her days flow like a countdown scanned on social media toward the finals of the swimming regionals. Surrounded by friends and their families, the two girls never really break their bond, despite long silences and apparent absence until an unexpected event brings them closer again.

The Tender Years is the kind of love story we should all be able to experience: the love for a friend that will always be there, no matter what, and for a bond that will protect us exactly as we are, without the need for change. Depression, breakups, confusion, mistakes, are all part of our lives: the enduring love is what keeps us grounded, and allows us to blossom.