The Sun Fire Ballad #01: A Song to Raise a Storm

A cold kingdom and a strong heroine with magical abilities.
A sizzling love story embedded in the solving of a murder case.
Bestselling author with 380.000 copies sold only in Germany!

Towns, settlements and roads belong to people, but forests are the realm of the Qidhe, the magical beings. This is determined by the disputed and strictly enforced peace treaty. But Sintha doesn’t care about these laws. Being half human, half Qidhe, she has to face the mistrust of both worlds in any case – especially that of the Vakar, a dark magical people who watch over compliance with the peace treaty. When a snowstorm strikes and Sintha is forced to seek shelter in a human guesthouse, everything changes for her. Because a murder has been committed in the snowed-in little village and, of all people, the feared leader of the Vakar has come to solve it. Caught with Sintha in the storm, Arezander casts his eye not only on her very special abilities…