The Planetarium Club

In the mysterious city of Eureka, Miki Leo and nick are top secret agents for the Planetarium Club, busy in an adventure on the edge of reality!

Meet the three irresistible heroes of this new cosmic series and collect the robots that come free with each book!

The Planetarium Club series conveys inquisitiveness for the universe and respect for our Planet using the language of adventure, mystery and enjoyment!

The adventures are set in a modern metropolis, technologically at the cutting edge but with a picturesque Italian style city centre, brimming with tradition.

The secret base of the Planetarium Club is a shiny silver motor home where plans are made for secret missions, whilst tasting granny Agatha’s exquisite cakes.

The agents of the Club are four young shooting star hunters: Leo, Miki, nick and the basset hound
gas. Just like their missions, their instruments too, are handmade and creative.