The Orchard Underground

A monster. A mystery. An explosive secret…

"Smart, mysterious and funny. This book will make you think, make you laugh, and keep you guessing"   -   Rebecca Stead, author of 'Liar and Spy and When You Reach Me'

"Fresh and funny, bursting with interesting characters"  -   Penni Russon, author of 'The Endsister and Only Ever Always'

Pri Kohli knows the town of Dunn’s Orchard better than anyone. After all, he was the first kid ever to live there. He knows its mysteries (none), its secrets (also none) and the best ways to have fun in it (climb a big tree and sit there). So why can’t he answer newcomer Attica Stone’s simple question: if the town’s called Dunn’s Orchard, where’s the orchard?

As Pri and Attica go in search of forbidden fruit, they will uncover stranger mysteries: a robot caterpillar, a mayor with a murky past, a Possibly Real Actual Boogeyman and a house made of doors in a haunted wood. But what will Pri and Attica do when they discover the biggest secret of all – that something truly magical is about to be destroyed, and the only way to save it could be by destroying the town itself?