The Only Child

The heartrending fate of the little war orphan Djoko, who flees across Europe during World War 2

More than 200,000 orphans had to go through the unimaginable to survive during this time

More than 15 million books sold - Hera Lind is one of the most successful German-language authors

October 1940 in former Yugoslavia: The family of 5-year-old Djoko leads a simple but happy life in a small village. Until the fascist army of the Ustashas shows up, having sworn death to all Serbs. As a grenade hits the family’s tiny hut, only a badly injured Djoko survives.
When he finally manages to wriggle out of the rubble, his tale of woe is not over: in the midst of the worst turmoil of the war the little orphan is on the run for years – from present-day Bosnia via Romania and Germany to Austria.

Again and again Djoko finds help, again and again people are taken away from him. However there is one thing he never loses: hope