The Nine Ballerinas #1

Against the bear gang

Despite it’s humorous tone, the book has quite a few touching moments, where the importance and strength of the group, and the empathy and understanding to face complicated situations play a key role and turn the story into a moving narrative.

Marta Martí, Faristol, Ibbycat magazine

You will be knocked over by a fierce pack of girls who have got it all together and are rebelliously taking control of their own fate.

After chasing away the cruel headmistress of their orphanage, eight unruly girls vow that no one will ever humiliate them again. As they plan how to get rid of the new headmistress, a gang of thieves will try to terrorise them… not knowing what they’re getting themselves into!

Get ready to meet Marianne, Rose, Margaret, Diana, Mary, Emma, Victoria and Lizzie: the bravest and most rebellious girls in the orphanage!


A turbulent and chaotic story, wild and empowering, resisting all clichés.