The Murano Legacy

Where dreams are made of fire and sand: a moving family saga, as glowing and colourful as the famous Venetian glass creations

Murano, 1893. Orietta Volpato isn’t in the least interested in marrying well. She is the rebellious daughter of a Venetian family of glassblowers, and has dreams of taking over the family business one day. Sibilla Veridiani, the influential high-society doyenne, is her idol, and one carnival season Orietta tries everything she can think of to get hold of an invitation to Veridiani’s famous – and famously exclusive – masked ball. When her dream is almost within reach, she meets a mysterious stranger during a trip in a gondola who makes her heart beat faster. But then her brothers gamble away the family business, and Orietta is the only one who can save the Volpatos’ legacy. If she makes the wrong decision, her life – and more – could break into a thousand pieces.