The Miracle Women

#1: Whatever the Heart Desires

„Dreams are endless, but deeds that turn into miracles help dreams come true.“

In the mid-1950s, an era shaped by the spirit of new beginnings, Luise Dahlmann opens a small grocery store in Starnberg, Germany, near Munich. She sells everything the heart desires: fruit and vegetables, meats and dairy products, nylon stockings, rich cakes and chocolate—along with plenty of gossip and tittle-tattle.

Three women cross paths with Luise in her shop until they all become friends: Annabel von Thaler, the envious doctor’s wife who lives next door; Helga Knaup, the young student nurse from Munich; and Marie Wagner, an expert horsewoman and artist, who was expelled from the eastern region of Silesia at the end of the war.

All three pursue their dreams and want to break free from society’s entrenched expectations, so they set out together to make a fresh start.