The Light Collector

„A novel with strong women. Intense moments." Peter Pisa, Kurier (A), 21.6.19

„A smart, touching book" Donna, 3.7.2019

„A women's fiction, that gets under your skin" Woman (A), 4.7.2019

„ An absorving story on three strong women, that do not let themselves down by destiny" Münchner Merkur, 22.6.2019

„A stylistic mature text, that puts together fragments of three lives in a wonderful story" Buchkultur (A), 27.6.2019

A grandmother, mother and daughter, scattered over two continents, a whole century and harbouring a harrowing family secret. Mary’s grandmother Rosa is revered like a saint in the family. But when Mary asks why, her stern mother Erika remains silent. Only when Erika needs her daughter’s help do they slowly get closer to each other and Mary becomes aware of her family’s tragedy. And she realises that for her mother, love has always meant loss.