The Kind-Hearted Crocodile

Stories of incredible parents and families in the animal world.

Some mothers let themselves be eaten to feed their young, and others, rather than care for them, place their eggs in a stranger’s nest. Some sisters storm like armies to kidnap baby-sitters, and some grandmothers support the entire family. Some dads brave frost and predators to do their jobs, and some parents raise their young under their own skin, stomachs or in exclusive private pools. There are families of all kinds, from couples to parenting trios. In short, the world is full of examples of animals who have found truly original, and sometimes pretty genius, ways to make sure their young can survive and find their own way in life. And not just mammals and birds, as many might think, but also frogs, spiders, crabs, centipedes, insects…

Willy Guasti takes us on a fun and easy-to-follow journey discovering incredible species, crazy behaviour, and wild parenting.