The Forest, Four Questions, Life and I

A Meeting that changed everything

She actually has everything she has ever dreamed of, but the young woman is, nonetheless, increasingly discontent. She frequently has no idea how to manage the daily balancing act between career and family. One day, while walking through the woods, she encounters an old woman, who shares with her the four questions of life that can change everything. The young mother isn’t quite convinced by this claim, but she still resolves to figure out how the process functions. The first question is: What do I actually want?

And the process actually works. She slowly begins to believe in the power of the questions, but then one question plunges her into a major crisis: What do I actually need? Suddenly, so many things seem to be under scrutiny. The old woman doesn’t have any easy answers, much to the young mother’s disappointment. Instead, the old woman offers to reveal the final question to her. This one has the greatest power to catalyze far-reaching change. Is she ready for this?