The Five Minute-Energy! Book

Get healthier day by day with Doc Fleck’s Method

In order to get through life, healthy and bursting with energy, we have to take good care of ourselves and our bodies. This isn’t an easy task in today’s hectic, day-to-day world.

Dr. Anne Fleck has developed a ten-week program that will help us improve our health and energy level step-by-step. Time investment: only five minutes a day!

The tested, easily implemented tips and exercises will help you to eat better, rev up your digestion, detox your system, reduce your stress, increase your activity rate, sleep well, and reprogram unhealthy behaviors. You will be able to track your own progress through self-checks and reflection prompts.

• The ten-week program for increased energy and a higher quality of life – an upmarket layout and four-color illustrations throughout
• A treasure trove of recipes, self-tests and motivational affirmations