The Couple of the Century

»Julia Schoch, archaeologist of her life, digs up what is so often hidden in theeveryday life of couples: the waves of love, the beauty that remains even in disillusionment.« (Die Zeit, 17.03.22)

"One might think that Julia Schoch is telling the story of the failure of a relationship in her new book: but in fact she has written one of the most beautiful love novels of recent years. (...) a single declaration of love, the high mass of a great longing." - Stefan Kister, Stuttgarter Zeitung (17.02.2023)

"Julia Schoch succeeds anew in pursuing the smallest shocks (...) in a clever and idiosyncratic way. (...) Hardly ever has one read about the estrangement of two lovers with such determination, right down to the smallest twists and turns of feeling." - Sandra Kegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (23.02.2023)

When people fall out of love, where does that love go?

A woman wants to leave her husband. After many, many years of marriage and many, many years of living together, she is determined – but also devastated. How did it come to this?

While considering her next move, she takes a trip down memory lane. There were indeed many highs: the early, ecstatic days of love at university, the times they spent abroad, and later their years with their young children. But there were also lows, moments that changed the course of their lives. Moments that foreshadowed failure.

But can something that went on for so long really be said to have failed?