The corsairs of time

Pirates and time travels, a fantastic journey among suggestive ports located in times and spaces.

A breathtaking adventure full of twists and turns, an extraordinary coming-of-age story of an outstanding female protagonist.

Running away from the usual bullies on her way out of school, Sofia loses her balance and falls into the void from the belvedere. The fatal fall is incredibly halted on the deck of a ship: Sofia has been saved by Huck, a Corsair who sails the River of Time and takes Sofia as his “cabin boy”. The Corsairs sail from one era to another on the Vessels-Vectors, and they are the only ones who know how to use the Blades that pierce the veil of time and space. That’s why the Corsairs are hired by wealthy people for delicate and dangerous missions through time. Sofia will face dangers and amazing adventures until, on the most dangerous mission, she discovers that Huck’s past hides a secret. Amazing settings, dangerous missions between eras, betrayals and twists and turns: the adventure that will lead Sofia to become Ottima, the most legendary Corsair ever!