The Concert of the Birds

"Reading Rocío Carmona is always a safe bet: her writing is brimming with sensitivity, rhythm and elegance, and her stories transport you to emotionally safe places. Engaging from beginning to end". - María Fornet

"Rocío Carmona's new novel grabs you from the very beginning. It is a tender, intelligent work, full of sensitivity, love and passion for life and literature. El concierto de los pájaros has arrived to gladden the hearts of readers". Gabri Ródenas

"To read this novel is to look, through Rocío's words, at the unconditional love for nature, it is to believe again that a kind world is possible". Alena Kharchanka

What happens when we finally face our greatest fears?

Ada’s life changes dramatically the day a brutal hate campaign is unleashed on her social media. As her 2.8 million followers begin to fade into history – and with them, her life as she had known it up to that point – the young woman decides to break with everything in order to leave behind an unbreathable present.

Always an urbanite, Ada suddenly finds herself isolated in the middle of a mountainous landscape whose few inhabitants are more than a little unusual.
There, in her new refuge in the forest, she must confront the losses and unknowns of her past while discovering books she never imagined she would read, birds that seem to talk, an enigmatic new love, a mysterious disappearance and, above all, the urgent longing to find herself again.

An evocative novel about the importance of finding one’s voice, the healing power of art and nature, authenticity in the age of appearances, and the love of life above all else.