The child I wished to have so badly is driving me crazy

A relaxed approach to the age of temper tantrums and stubbornness

SPIEGEL BESTSELLER - More than 300.000 copies sold only in Germany!

14th reprint (2020)

Won’t my child EVER go to bed? Will my child EVER climb up the stairs alone? Instead of throwing a temper tantrum themselves, parents should read this book.

The “terrible twos” are the beginning of a challenging phase for the parents of young children. As soon as they learn to walk, children begin striving for independence. Parents are often uncertain about how to react to new behaviours. The authors encourage readers to try something other than reacting with the rigid boundaries and strict consequences of traditional parenting. They explain how children develop and why this is such an important phase, and that parents should accept their child’s behaviour, rather than try to suppress it. Humorous personal anecdotes, practical advice, and the most recent scientific findings provide soothing relief that is balm to the soul of stressed-out parents.