The Bonus Room

"A diabolical tale of paranoia and domestic unrest." - Vanity Fair
"Winters expertly builds suspense in this chilling thriller" - Booklist
"A psychological thriller with Hitchcockian suspense"Los Angeles Times

Alex and Susan’s new Brooklyn apartment seems too good to be true. Big kitchen, lots of light, a real bedroom for their little girl, even a studio for Susan to paint in—all for under $4,000 a month. Yes, the landlord is a little intense, and they’re not allowed in the basement, but who needs to go in the basement, right?
But then Susan starts hearing mysterious noises, feeling crawling sensations on her skin and in her throat, and seeing bugs nobody else can see. The exterminator swears there are no bedbugs in the building—but does that mean they’re infested with something even worse? This creepy-crawly thriller about a horrifying home infestation will get all the way under your skin.

Previously published in 2011 as Bedbugs.