The Big Book of Emotions

Over 100,000 copies sold.

«Thrirty stories (and thirty forms) to help us not to feel like an emotional alien.» La Voz de Galicia

«A book composed by 30 stories that deal with aspects like shame, empathy, anger, deception, jealousy, bulling or lies. Each story ends up with a practical guide addressed to the parents.» La Vanguardia

«A book that will help kis identify and handle with their emotions» Bebés y más

«Stories that will help parents recognise and handle all kind of emotions through the adventures of their nice characters» Diari ARA

«You do not choose your emotions. They just appear. That is neither bad nor good. Those are two main messages of the book, that we should convey our children» Canarias7

Being able to recognize and express emotions and feelings is a basic skill in the development of small children.

Although us adults might understand how children feel, at times we don’t know how to explain emotions to them and help them understanding themselves. This, however, is a necessary step towards enabling them to grow up happy.

These 30 stories by María Menéndez-Ponte will help them recognizing and handle all kind of emotions. The adventures of their nice characters will help in the task of understanding our feelings and it will be fun. These adventures will be completed by informative forms developed by “La Nau Espacial”, a centre specialized in emotional education.