The Bible

Each page is illustrated and filled with colour, light and sometimes darkness. The large format allows us to immerse ourselves in Javier Andrada’s detailed and moving illustrations, which convey joy and communion.

In this book you will find the best stories from the Old and New Testament. The texts tell the story of God’s people, the life and message of Jesus and his friends.

In this Bible we have collected the most significant texts from the Old Testament. In them we introduce you to the life and history of the people who lived before Jesus was born, and were his ancestors. You will also find the stories that bring us closer to the life of Jesus and his message in the New Testament. You will meet the people who were with him, those who decided to follow him and carry his message around the world. We have adapted the texts so that you will find them close and attractive. They are accompanied by beautiful illustrations that recreate the landscapes, the culture, the emotions and the sensitivity of the characters. The protagonist of all these stories is God, a close God who loves people and the world he created.