Zank&Zoe Adventures

The Monster of the Black Mountain

Mikel Valverde the celebrated creator of the RITA collection, brings us a new series starring a brave girl, Zoe, and her faithful dog, Zank.

When little Zoe and her dog Zank discover that Miss Tea’s cake shop is about to close, she runs to tell her family. They can’t let this happen!

Her grandfather has a splendid idea: form a cycling team to be called “Tea Pastries and Biscuits” and take part in a race, and that will make everybody want to try the best pastries in the world. They have everything thought out: the jersey with the name of the patisserie in big letters, a bicycle and the rider: Zoe.

However, right from the beginning of the race there is a string of problems for Zoe and her team car.

Everything gets worse when she takes a detour towards the Black Mountain and runs into the terrible monster which lives there.

Sample translation in English available!