„What a sweeping and emotional second-chance romance! Leni and Raphael‘s love is as stormy as the ocean and as gentle as the sound of the sea. I had my heart pounding on every page.“ SPIEGEL- bestselling author Lilly Lucas

• Gripping island romance with an enchanting setting
• Second-chance love between dunes, wind and sea
• About courage, grief and new beginnings

Five years have passed since Leni last saw Raffael. Five years since he lost both father and brother in a fire at his family‘s hotel and disappeared from Sylt – and thus from Leni‘s life. Now Raffael is supposed to supervise the reconstruction of the hotel, in which the shipyard where Leni is training to be a shipbuilder is also involved. It soon becomes clear that nothing is the same between Leni and Raffael and that he wants nothing to do with her or the island. But then why is there still that familiar tingling? In Kein Horizont zu weit (No Horizon Too Far), SPIEGEL bestselling author Alexandra Flint paints an atmospheric picture of the beautiful North Sea island of Sylt and creates a touching story about first love, friendship, grief and the courage to make a new start – with protagonists you simply will have to take to your heart.