Story of an ink drop and a snowflake

Ilustrado por Simona Mulazzani

A magic double-sided book with papercuts

A snowflake and an ink drop – can you imagine a more unlikely couple of friends? But when you ask two
of the most inventive and talented Italian authors to tell you a story, anything can happen. A big town.
Winter. A snowflake is about to fall from the sky. Where is he going to land?
A big town. Winter. An ink drop is looking at the world from inside her bottle. A sudden gush of wind
knocks it over, and the drop starts to fall to the ground. Where is she going to land? Two worlds, two
stories, two books in one. Will the snowflake and the ink drop ever meet?

Illustrated by Simona Mulazzani, an internationally acclaimed illustrador that has just won the 2016 ANDERSEN AWARD for Best illustrator.