Longing and Scandal

The dances are big, the scandals even bigger: welcome to Somerset

England in the late 18th century. Isabella Woodford has a problem: following a passionate, forbidden night of love with an army officer, her reputation as a virtuous young aristocrat is at risk. She has to cover up the scandal and quickly secure a husband. Equipped with a list of likely candidates, she goes to live with her aunt in the worldly city of Bath, where English high society lights up the night with its glamorous balls. It doesn’t take long for Isabella to find her first suitor. But then she meets the rich, stand-offish textile merchant Alexander, who makes her feel something she’s never felt before. But Alexander is a confirmed bachelor, determined never to marry. When the army officer reappears to blackmail Isabella about the night they spent together, she has to decide what’s more important: her reputation, or love…