Kyoto Society

No one knows for sure who he is or what the great master Li Po is like. But it is rumored that young people are looking to expand Kyoto society. What if you were one of the chosen ones?

Some time ago, the great oriental master Li Po settled in Barcelona. No one knows exactly where he came from, nor when he was born: he seems to be over a thousand years old.

Some say he is a man, there are those who say she is a woman. There are people who say that it does not move on the floor, but on the ceilings. And lately there is a rumor that Li Po has decided to expand the Kyoto Society, and that he is looking for young people capable of managing great powers. Powers that cannot fall into the hands of anyone.

Belonging to the Kyoto Society is not easy: if Li Po detects any special behavior or ability in you, he will send you an app on your mobile that will take you to its home, which is always in the Gothic Quarter, but never in the same place. Once there, they will tell you if you can take the entrance exams. And, if you overcome them, you will enter an extraordinary world.