The Glow of Magic – The Roar of Power

Sirens #1: The Glow of Magic

Regan Seaborn is twenty-one, she loves the water and damn good music. But since the violent death of her parents, she has been living a life on the run.

Her last stop is London, and even though Regan realises she won’t be able to stay for long, she feels a certain attachment to the city. Then one evening, the stunningly handsome Penn turns up in her life and turns it upside down.

Reluctantly, she finds herself more and more attracted to the charming bad boy, but Penn is not just out for a sexy flirt. He is the prince of the Artaga, powerful sirens, and Regan is the last survivor of a long-established siren family. And now the Artaga need her help …


Sirens#2: The Roar of Power

Regan’s world is upside down. After years of being on the run from the Nox, she thought she had finally found a home with the Artaga and the love of her life in Prince Penn.

But after the ritual that banished the power of the seven seas for another eleven years in a magical seal, Regan learns the terrible truth about her parents – and from one moment to the next, Penn and her newfound family are her greatest enemies.

But when Penn is kidnapped by the Nox, Regan does everything she can to free him. Even if it means losing herself in a frenzy of power …


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