Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents

This updated and redesigned edition of Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents features outrageous and

uncensored profiles of the commanders in chief—complete with hundreds of little-known,

politically incorrect, and downright wacko facts. You’ll discover that:

  • Teddy Roosevelt was blinded in a White House boxing match
  • John Quincy Adams loved to swim naked in the Potomac River
  • Gerald Ford once worked as a Cosmopolitan magazine cover model
  • Warren G. Harding gambled with White House china when he ran low on cash
  • Jimmy Carter reported a UFO sighting in Georgia

Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents tackles all the tough questions that other history books

are afraid to ask: Which president claimed that God struck down Abraham Lincoln on purpose?

How many of these folks were cheating on their spouses? And are there really secret

tunnels underneath the White House? American history was never this much fun in school!