School of Talents

Math grades don’t count in the School of Talents, and (fortunately!) there’s nothing like normal classes.

Here, all students possess special capabilities: some are shape-shifters, some understand what animals say, and others can command water. Chaos is inevitable…

Every volume contains riddles to solve and dark secrets to discover.



Volume #1:

Alva can understand animals. All animals. And animals talk very LOUD. But that’s not unusual at Alva’s new boarding school.

Mala can affect water, Till can shrink and Jonas can even change his shape. Flying classmates and children walking through walls are quite normal here.

But why does the broken scoreboard in the cafeteria speak in riddles? And is there really a treasure on the island?

Volume #2:

Film fever in the School of Talents!

The boarding school has a film competition and everyone uses their phenomenal talents to shoot the greatest scenes. Alva’s friend Jonas really wants to win. But strange power outages put the big premiere evening in jeopardy.

Who is behind it? And can the mysterious display board help friends shed light on the darkness?

Volume #3:

Alva is slowly starting to feel at home in the School of Talents. The latest school project: collecting fossils on the cliffs of the island.

But who do those huge footprints in the sand belong to? And who always breaks Doctor Rössner’s fences overnight? A little creepy, thinks Alva. Are there monsters on the island?