Rita and the Tomb Raiders

Exploring what it’s like to be a kid, the humorous stories in the 'Rita’s World' series are told through the eyes of Rita, a brave, witty, adventurous eight-year-old who has to deal with all of the issues pertaining to her age — family, friends, school — and she often travels the world with her Uncle Daniel and leads us into incredible adventures!

Rita travels to Egypt to meet her uncle Daniel, an archaeologist who works in an excavation. Due to a terrible confussion at the El Cairo Airport, Rita is picked up by mistake by a band of thieves who are in search of the same treasures as her uncle Daniel.

A bunch of funny coincidences will push Rita to show herself as a young archeologist. She will discover great treasures by a mixture of chance and wit and in the end.

Will she be able to escape the hands of the thieves, find her uncle and unmask the thieves’ evil plan?



Sample translation in English available!

Ideal for middle-grade readers