Rabenwinter Saga

Vol.01: A Breath of Winter


Middangard is a lawless land where mercenaries murder and plunder, Valkyries populate the skies, and trolls roam the forests. It is also a land of ancient magic. When a merciless killer brings death to more and more witches, the squad of the feared mercenary leader Gent is set upon the witch slayer.
Young Smilla disguises herself to join the mercenaries: No one can know that she is a witch and that she finally wants to take revenge for the murder of her family. During their perilous search for the murderer, Smilla and Gent unintentionally become closer. However Smilla has no idea how dark Gent’s well-hidden secret really is …

“Carina Schnell enchants not only with her words, but also with what’s between the lines.” Justine Pust



As the new leader of the Wild Hunt, the most feared mercenary force in Middangard, the witch Smilla has dedicated herself to a goal that will determine her life from now on: she wants to free the land from the murderous Valkyries and take revenge. Because they took from her what she loved most.
In search of allies in her seemingly hopeless battle against the overpowering Valkyries, the Wild Hunt travels through a devastated land. Finally, Smilla comes up with a bold plan: they will free the gods from their prison in Addangard in order to defeat the winged beasts with their help. But more than one surprise awaits the companions in Odin’s halls …
Carina Schnell, the bestselling author of the New Adult series “Summer in Canada”, takes us to Middangard for the second time: a dark Nordic fantasy world that can only be saved if the Wild Hunt defeats the monsters within itself and the love of a witch overcomes death.