Rabbit Boy

The mysterious metamorphosis of Robert Kümmelmann

From boy to super rabbit: a ‘hare’-raising transformation

Robert Kümmelmann is a boy of medium size, medium ability, and with medium blonde hair. His favourite things are sweets, television, days off school and being left alone. But when he gives in to pressure from his mother and gulps down a huge portion of carots for dinner, he suddenly turns into a human-sized rabbit. As Rabbit Boy, he becomes the overnight star of the school playground. And as if that wasn’t crazy enough, Robert also understands the language of the strange rabbits who have made their secret home in the overgrown school garden. Now they’re asking for his help. Can Rabbit Boy harness the potential of his beastly metamorphosis to fi nally show what he’s made of?

A super-rabbit’s-eye-view of the world: crazy, fast-paced and insanely funny!

For boys and girls – even reluctant readers will love it