Over the Roofs of Jerusalem

History comes alive when you understand the people behind it. This also and especially applies to the Middle East conflict.

2023: Anat has started her military service and meets Karim, a young Palestinian, during an exercise in the West Bank. Both are paralysed with fear, but Karim brings them back to Jerusalem under cover of darkness. When he himself is arrested at a demonstration, Anat’s mother stands up for him …

1947/1948: Tessa comes to Palestine as a half-orphan and meets Mo in Jerusalem, whose family has been expelled from there. They become friends, but in the fighting after the founding of the State of Israel, they part ways. Will their grandchildren succeed in reconciling?

In her first novel, the renowned journalist Anja Reumschüssel succeeds in telling the complex story of Israel and its two peoples in an exciting and knowledgeable way. Set in the present and yet with flashbacks to the time of the founding of the state, a differentiated picture of the Middle East conflict emerges that promotes understanding and gives rise to hope.