On the Rope

The new major novel by the winner of the Georg Büchner Prize

Is life a never-ending balancing act? Darius Kopp is in danger of caving in under his misfortune. Three years have gone by since his wife Flora, his great love, died. The IT specialist has travelled through Europe with her ashes and finally ended up in Sicily.

One day, his 17-year-old niece unexpectedly turns up. The girl is alone and from then on doesn’t leave his side. Lorelei needs his help – and he hers. He returns to Berlin with her. And learns to measure his happiness by what he can change of his own will – and what he can’t.

“In her novels and stories, Terézia Mora zooms in on misfits and the down-and-outs, precarious existences and people searching for something, and in the process she painfully hits the nerve of our day.” Excerpt from the decision of the jury on awarding the Georg Büchner