New Moms for Rebel Girls

Strengthening our daughters for a life with equality

The educator and feminist Susanne Mierau is one of many ‘new moms’ who want to educate and strengthen their daughters against the patriarchy and its consequences: devaluation of femininity, discrimination, gender stereotypical role behaviour and even sexual violence. In her new book, she explains what that means in relation to a feminist and needs-oriented upbringing.
Based on educational and psychological findings as well as many examples of mother-daughter relationships, Mierau describes how girls can be specifically supported and empowered. She explains what mothers need to know about topics such as porn, cyberbullying, contraception, self-esteem & self-love, a good body image, education & career and much more, and how they can support their daughters. Last but not least, the author encourages mothers to recognise their own stereotypical ways of thinking and behaving so as not to pass them on to their ‘rebel girls’.