More Room in the Brain

Dealing With the Flood of Information and Modern Life With Composure

Marie Kondo for the brain

The human brain is quite remarkable and is most often compared very favorably with high-performance computers. How is it then that we still have the feeling constantly forgetting things, being late to appointments, and having a hopelessly crowded head?

Boris Nikolai Konrad helps us regain control of our cerebral processes. This neuroscientist first illustrates the amazing ways the brain functions. He then explains how we can improve how we use our brains. With his techniques we can learn to experience full relaxation without yoga, to remember every name with ease – and to finally eliminate the chaos in our head.

• Neuroscience, the trend topic: understanding how the human brain works, and how to get more out of your own brain

• Explained by the World Memory Champion

• With numerous exercises