Miep, the Alien

Miep is traipsing through the Astro Museum, feeling very bored, when suddenly a pastatid named Noodle leaps into his arms! Miep has always wanted a little space-pet like Noodle. And he soon finds himself plunged into an exciting adventure – not only does he have to persuade his dad to let him keep Noodle, he also has to protect his newfound friend from the museum attendants and curious human astronauts. It’s the beginning of a beautiful extraterrestrial friendship…

A new series from Germany’s currently most successful children’s illustrator, Nina Dulleck!

•Short texts and large, wonderfully weird illustrations
•Fun, imaginative stories for the whole family
•Ideal for reading independently or reading aloud with younger ones
•Humourous and exciting adventures in Outer Space!
•Perfect motivation for Early Readers

>>Full translation in English available