Maybe Now #1

“Carolin Wahl has the rare gift of weaving dreams into words.” (Bernhard Hennen)

Maybe Now is the first book of the comforting and joyful Maybe trilogy that will make you forget time while reading! It’s not only about love, but also about friendship, good food and having a great time, and Carolin Wahl threw in all the tropes we love: the grumpy and the sunshine, the best friend’s brother, the fake relationship.

Gabriella, Joana and Karla live together in a shared flat in Munich. To finance their studies, they work together for a catering company. In Munich, however, the three not only realize their dreams, but also find true love. Each self-contained volume tells the love story of a friend.

In this first book, Gabriella moves from Brazil to Munich and into the shared flat, because she finally wants to meet her biological father. She starts training incognito at the catering company of her father, a celebrity chef. When she starts her job as a cook, however, she finds out that her instructor is Anton, of all people, the rude – or rather rudely attractive – guy who sat next to her on her flight to Munich! And Anton is not only supposed to train her, but he is also the foster son of Gabriella’s biological father. While Gabriella tries to get closer to her father, she has to stand up to Anton in the kitchen, when not only the fire on the stove is kindled between them …

Carolin Wahl’s Maybe-companions tell sexy love stories with imaginative plots – without any familiar clichés. Readers encounter a modern image of women: strong and self-confident protagonists are in the foreground.

100.000 copies sold only in Germany!